Highly Effective Radio Spot

We have been successfully using this radio spot over the past year. Notice how it connects with our ideal patient. We will review this in detail on our webinar, Tuesday August 2nd, at 9 PM Eastern. Be sure to register below. Here’s the script and our actual audio:


At (INSERT NAME OF YOUR PRACTICE HERE), we believe that life is better with Great Teeth. We also know that there are so many people that are living below their potential – they are living a life of quiet desperation – because of their teeth. They’re embarrassed or they are in pain. They don’t like to smile, they don’t like to be social – they really aren’t living. This usually happens because of fear. And it doesn’t have to be that way. Our Vision is to give these people their lives back, and the way we do this is by providing a safe, pain-free experience that alleviates their stress and allows them to get the smile they’ve always wanted – so they can be who they were meant to be. And that’s what we do. I’m Dr. (INSERT YOUR NAME). If this sounds like your story – then give us a call at (INSERT YOUR NUMBER) or visit us on the web at (INSERT YOUR SITE).


Click here to listen to Dr. Sanchez’s Radio Spot

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